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Videocratic Media (VM) is a Los Angeles-based non-fiction content development, production and post-production company that emphasizes stories on social justice, conflict resolution and multicultural artistic expression.


Latest Projects

Los Lobos Content Development


Videocratic Media has partnered with Madpix Films and Visionary Rebel Productions beginning in the Summer of 2021 to develop content celebrating the astonishing five-decade-long career of East LA’s own rock n roll phenomenon Los Lobos. Beginning in the neighbourhoods east of the L.A. river in the seventies and spanning to today, Los Lobos has blazed an unrivalled trail of artistic and cross-cultural innovation.

Warriors of the Heart

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Beginning in 2017, Videocratic Media and Robert Corsini began partnering with musician, composer and social justice activist Stephen L. Fiske to produce grassroots stories of peacemakers in Israel and Palestine.  

National Committee to Defend of Julian Assange

Since first encountering the work of Wikileaks and interviewing Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for ‘Architects of Denial’ in 2016, Videocratic Media EP Robert Corsini has considered Assange to be a journalist and publisher rather than a  ‘whistleblower’.  

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Hollenbeck Youth Center: 50th Anniversary Special

Videocratic Media Executive Producer Robert Corsini has worked with Hollenbeck Youth Center President Daniel Hernandez for nearly twenty years, producing a promotional video for their community programs and flagship brand,  Inner City Games.  

Extraordinary stories from across the globe

Charlottesville Reflection

In August of 2018, one year after the Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ march and riot, I traveled to Virginia as the Field Director to gather sober, reflective, grassroots perspectives, on racism, anti-Semitism and what transpired those tragic days, for the Emmy award winning feature documentary, ‘Hate Among Us’ produced by Associated Television. Although “Hate Amongst Us” incorporated some of this material — time didn’t allow for the extended story.

Groundbreaking Topical Content

‘Architects of Denial’ & ‘Hate Among Us’

Videocratic Media in conjunction with Associated Television International produced two major human rights documentaries, ‘Architects of Denial’ & ‘Hate Among Us’ both released theatrically and now in worldwide distribution.

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Videocratic Media’s work has appeared on PBS, NBC, Fox Sports, KABC TV, Discovery, TLC, the CW and various other broadcast and VOD platforms.

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